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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
wow part II.....

I think "because they are Muslim" is the least of reasons why we went to war in Iraq......

oil seems to come to mind......
This is another aspect of "Denial of Death" - utilizing xenophobia to influence sociological perception of our "enemies." People were willing to bomb anything in that part of the world in order to make sure our interests were secure, even if it meant fitting intelligence and policy to our needs. There was a lot of fear-mongering, in pursuit of goals like oil and a stronger hand in the region.

Originally Posted by Blake View Post
no, but to say that people need to get off the fence and pick a side, even if it's hate is a bit far fetched to me.

sure, there are a few who are apathetic and indifferent when they see a hate act occur against gays, but I think that our society in general is not indifferent or apathetic towards hate crimes or violence.

If someone is getting beat up, I don't think people in general care who they are or what they do in the bedroom......they'll try to help them
I agree, and I'm thankful we're that far along in most parts.
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