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Originally Posted by kyleo View Post
I strongly disagree. Let's say, as happens numerous times on this forum, someone implies that the other team are a bunch of *******. Go and look in the main forum and you'll find some examples. Not calling them out, because it's fairly commonplace. It's acceptable. And that type of indifference or apathy towards the rights and feelings of others allows people with hate in their hearts to foster ill will, it makes it socially acceptable, until it's manifested violently. It's cultural, it's deeply ingrained in this country, and you will find it is not unlike the literary "other," the non-conforming character that challenges social core beliefs. In order to sustain and verify our cultural beliefs, that "other" must be either negated or destroyed. And so it is with Becker's "Denial of Death."
That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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