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Originally Posted by RickV View Post
I have had Direct TV for about 8 yrs Cheesey, and I LOVE IT. In all that time I have had exactly ONE rate increase for about 2 dollars I think. They add new channels frequently (with no increase in subscription rates), the customer service is superb, I have all the local channels including all local HD feeds, you get the NFL channel for free, you can get league passes for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and MSL (the fees are payable in installments), you get about 100 XM radio channel feeds, they actually listen to you when you make suggestions about what channels they pick up, and supposedly by the end of this year will have over 150 HD channels available. The only time you have trouble with reception is when there is very bad weather such as thunderstorms, then you will almost certainly lose your feed. I don't see how you can lose. Can't speak of Dish, never had it.
Thanks, Rick. Can I ask how much you pay not including LP if you have it? I am thinking about keeping my cable internet. I really appreciate your input
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