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I'm sticking with my PC - don't wanna own a Mac and start looking down at the majority

But I'm trying out Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn just to see if it has gone far enough for me to get rid of Windows.

Here's a Valentine's day letter from one of the guys at engadget:

Dear Ubuntu,

I know I'm still married to Windows, and that you caught me fooling around with OS X, but I promise you're my true love, and that someday I'll throw them all aside for you. It's just complicated, you know? I haven't had the guts to break it to Windows yet, but I swear I'm planning to tell them soon about how things just sort of happened between us. It's not like either of us planned this. I thought I'd just flirt a little bit with your Live CD, but before I knew it was installing you onto my old Gateway desktop and spending night after night with you.

You just have to be patient with me. If we really love each other we'll work everything out and be together, right? Besides, you do have to admit you have a few issues you need to work on. I mean, I know I'm not perfect, but you definitely have some things you need to change about yourself before I can toss aside everything in my life to spend it with you. I love you, but I can't spend my time trying to make you into the perfect OS. So please don't be upset that I'm spending tonight with Windows, I promise that the marriage is over and that I'll make it up to with a shiny new widescreen monitor next week.

Whatcha gonna do when Huxamania runs wild on you?!!
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