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Originally Posted by micah76 View Post
It's all .net now.
.net is a freaking joke. I don't get it at all. JIT compilation is stupid in the context of Java, but at least Java acts the same whether it's on Windows, Mac, Linux, *BSD, or UNIX. I remember one of Donald Knuth's quotes, where he said computation was progressing too quickly for anyone to keep up, and that more bad ideas like Java were needed to slow it down. For Windows, what's the point other than leeching on to a programming style? Microsoft tries to justify it as allowing all of your languages to share a common assembly, but you only have 3 choices: C#,, and Managed C++, and MS's C++ extensions are horrible to use, so it's really just two.

It seems stupid when C++ is the most powerful OO language, C is the fastest and most efficient language for systems programming, and they can operate together using a linker instead of interpreting some intermediate and constantly profiling during execution.

I cannot believe the way the industry is bending over for MS with this .net crap. It's so shortsighted, and ridiculous that knowledge is being controlled by a Microsoft vocabulary.

Any program that is a success should be ported... but how do you port .net? It's written specifically so that you cannot build systems with C engines and MS dependencies isolated to leaf modules, like can be done with the now-deprecated MFC.

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