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These pictures surely must tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has had the privilege of being able to view these intimate moments shared by a mother and her dying son. Tomorrow night I will visit with a friend of 30 years who is burying her beloved husband. These tragic moments serve as a reminder to us of how fleeting time can be and how important is it to take time from our rigorous lifestyles to ponder what the priorities are in our lives. My family has faced several life-altering crises this year and it does change the way we think about and face things that come up. However it is important that we put such things in perspective and that the sadness is not allowed to control our thoughts. When I come home from work in severe pain, if there is a game, I visit with my SR comrades by post or chat, and I am pleasantly distracted. It is important to partake in pleasures of life as a counterpoint to the everyday tragedy that we may face. Maybe dedicate a day each week to leave your blackberry at home and turn off your cell phone. Then submerse in the wonder that is our planet and the beauty that we derive from our loves and friendships.
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