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Originally Posted by Captain_Obvious View Post
Yep that is the last repor tI heard too.

I think the list went somethign liek this:

1) get enough women's athletics to get teh ratio up

2)Get basketball program back in line with new coach

3)Try to move in to conference USA or other more prominant one.


I also remember hearing we would play at the alamodome, but the school actually wanted to play in their own stadium on campus to promote the campus community.

so all in time. Int eh meantime if you really really want UTSA footbal and your an alumnus, send a few bucks to the athloetics program. we might not have billionaire alumni, but we certainly have a tens of thousands of graduaes that could donate small amounts.
ill believe it when i see about the basketball program, sometimes it seems utsa is happy being a host school, like no other school could do that job.
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