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Originally Posted by Hairyhandedgent View Post
The problem with getting all your young talent via trade is you only have so many overpaid vets you can trade and then the well runs dry ... a team that has a good scouting department will prosper for years because of a constant flow of quality prospects. plus teams are built when guys have played together for a few years coming up in the minors. As for Ichiro the NY press will eat him alive.
they are overpaid so other teams cant get them. if u have the money, spend it. sometimes they have to get trades so they dont need to use their pitching in the farm too early. and no...did the press eat matsui alive? have they eaten abreu alive? pettitte? damon? a-rod tried to do too much the last few seasons. getting ichiro wouldnt be logical because they have plenty of outfielders. but seems to know what hes doing.
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