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Originally Posted by spUrpenguin3000 View Post
whats wrong with getting them in trades? cashman has improved greatly not trading away cano, melky, and hughes. right now, with that high powered offense, and when the staff stops hurting themselves, theyll be the best team in the league. they can average about 6 or 7 runs a game. when the time comes to put every single player from the farm system into the lineup, thats when ill think about it. but theres nothing wrong with what theyre doing getting free agents.

yanks are among ichiro's interest for next year when he becomes a free agent...
The problem with getting all your young talent via trade is you only have so many overpaid vets you can trade and then the well runs dry ... a team that has a good scouting department will prosper for years because of a constant flow of quality prospects. plus teams are built when guys have played together for a few years coming up in the minors. As for Ichiro the NY press will eat him alive.
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