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Originally Posted by spUrpenguin3000 View Post
kicks our ass? it came down to the bottom of the 9th in game 7!!!! they do have a farm system now. it has gotten really developed. what about the sox paying 40 million or so just to talk to dice-k? how about that? that yanks didnt bid against themselves. who was the last big name they got just to have? they needed pitching, so they got pavano, wright, and johnson. what teams wouldnt try to get decent pitching? they needed a outfielder because sheff was hurt, so they got abreu. whats so bad about that? they try to get good players because they have the money to. i have lots to look forward to in "the foreseeable future".
the yankees farm system is rated as slightly above average by every single source for such ratings, what talent they do have came in trades ... unless they figure out a way to better evaluate talent they will be a good but not great team...
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