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Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
I would rather have my owner and management spend money on talent and be competitive every year than have a team with a skimpy payroll (like the Devil Rays) and continue to be awful. If it wasn't for the Yankees and revenue sharing, MLB wouldn't be what it is today.

Yes, they try to buy their talent to win (#1 @ $195 mil), but don't act like the Red Sox are the little guys, they're paying $143 mil and ranked 2nd.
I'm a Diamondbacks fan (Yankees fans will remember them as the team that kicked their arse in the World Series) not a Red Sox fan.... If the Yankees spent their money more wisely they would have a farm system stocked with young talent. Instead they pay these outrageous salaries (often bidding against only themselves) to big name , little production guys and Yankee fans have little if anything to look forward to in the way of Championships in the foreseeable future.
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