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Originally Posted by Hairyhandedgent View Post
The Yankees have morons running their team ... They've spent about 2 billion dollars in payroll since their last championship. They are very poor evaluators of talent. Most of their good minor league talent has come from other organizations and when minor league organizations are rated the Yanks usually are rated just slightly above average so help is not on the way. Be prepared for more very expensive borderline, but not quite, playoff teams in the coming years.
I would rather have my owner and management spend money on talent and be competitive every year than have a team with a skimpy payroll (like the Devil Rays) and continue to be awful. If it wasn't for the Yankees and revenue sharing, MLB wouldn't be what it is today.

Originally Posted by BEERNUTS View Post
They try to buy their way with baseballs highest payroll thinking they will steamroll all other teams in the league. Yankees SUCK ---------- GO SOX
Yes, they try to buy their talent to win (#1 @ $195 mil), but don't act like the Red Sox are the little guys, they're paying $143 mil and ranked 2nd.

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