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Originally Posted by spUrpenguin3000 View Post
bull...what do u mean by hanger on jerks? there is a difference between ppl who say they like the yankees and true fans; ppl that take the time to learn the history of the team. i dont like the lakers. a better parallel is the cowboys, because theyre the popular team, or an "america's team" like team, and like duke. sure we've bought all these all stars, but where has it gotten us in the past 6 years? theyve learned to hold on to their prospects, which could end up being very huge the way their pitching staff is going so far. they havent won a world series since 2000. why hate a team that makes a fool of themselves year after year? maybe if they havent lost a world series since 97, then, yeah, u have a right to say that. but they havent steamrolled anybody in 6+ years. i dont get it. theyre not the yankees of old. they dont have that swagger as much anymore. sure u can have a 1000-run scoring offense, but it means nothing if u cant win a world series with it. and the red sox are closing the gap between the 2 payrolls. screw boston. fenway's a dump.
I'm glad that Cashman's finally stocking up the farm with all of these young guns. And what's up with this guy starting a thread about hating the Yankees.....oh he's a Red Sox fan...figure the odds. Let me guess, gonna talk about 2004 again?!?!?!
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