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Originally Posted by DizzG View Post
the problem goes WAY beyond Imus...and Imus shouldnt even be the focus in all this.

Hell had advertisers not pulled their ads from his show does CBS even fire him? I doubt it. his show was brining in 15 million a YEAR to the network according to CBS themselves.

its been known for 30 years that Imus has said TONS of controversial stuff in the past...even racial comments yet his show went no where

now it suddenly does? I hope people dont buy into the CBS spin that he was fired for his actions...he got fired because they would lose too much money to keep him since all the companies were pulling away.

it was a business decision..yet some will spin it into MSNBC and CBS actually taking some moral stand
It reminds me of the South Park manatee/Family Guy episode, only, instead of blatant censorship, it's kind of "capitalist censorship." If you exert just enough pressure to make some advertisers pull their funding, you can get anything off the air. That's not a good precedent for free speech, regardless of what Imus said.
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