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Originally Posted by SupermanThree View Post
When I hear this comment about Britain, what concerns me isn't the speaker's definition of "political correctness", but rather their definition of "Britain".

The same question might be asked of America here, I guess.
Good point. I agree. One person's America is another person's outhouse.

Originally Posted by theman21 View Post

You don't see how any comment made can be skewed into being disrespectful to someone? the point that the real issues are ignored all in the name of political correctness?
I guess I don't know what ignored "real issues" of which you speak. True, many people can find offense in the most innocuous of comments. However, in Imus' case, one could hardly call those comments and the social/cultural context innocuous.

I guess what I don't understand is why people think it's such a ungodly effort to try to respect others with their speech. If African-Americans want White people to call them African-Americans, what's wrong with that?

Why not make the effort? It fosters understanding, respect and general good feelings between different cultural/social/political groups.

What political correctness does do is challenge hegemonic structures...people don't like giving up their power (and so it goes, their insults).

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