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Originally Posted by spurssheriff View Post
The downfall of America will be political correctness.
Honestly, I never understand this comment when folks break it out when discussing political correctness.

Being respectful and mindful of others and their feelings will lead to the downfall of America?

I guess you'll have to give me your definition of political correctness....

Originally Posted by SAScrub View Post
As juvenile as it may sound, whatever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."
The fallacy in "stick and stones..." is that words lead to thoughts. And thoughts lead to actions.

Example: In a historical and social vacuum, Hitler's and other German nationalists' oratory in the 1920's was innocuous. They were just words, right?

Without context, the "N" word is just a word, right?

Words are powerful. They do hurt. Conversely, they do uplift us, too. If no words have ever hurt you, you are a more self-realized person than 99.9% of people on this planet.

Originally Posted by SAScrub View Post
Seriously. If my daughter came home crying cause someone called her a name, my simple instruction will be to get over it.
I have a daughter, too. And as a father I would hope you would have a little more empathy for your own blood than that. C'mon now.

Originally Posted by SAScrub View Post
If a well-educated college student who has a full scholarship to play basketball at a major institute of higher education isn't self-assured enough to simply get over what some stupid radio hack says, than her issues are beyond the words of Don Imus.
Self-assured or not, no one appreciates being disrespected.

"Into Sean Elliott. He fires the three. AND HITS IT!"

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