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Originally Posted by DizzG View Post

it was especially gutless for them to pull the plug on him before his radiothon was over yet was to last another day. Guy has raised over 40 million for kids with cancer since 1990 and they couldnt wait one more day for such a good cause? he helped raise over a million just today

And the Hell's Angels are well documented as raising lots of money and toys for underprivileged children at Christmas time. Regrettably the organization is well known as a major player in the manufacture and distribution of crystal methamphetamine... so in the HA's case it's "sorry your mom is strung out on meth and we profit from it but here have a stuffed toy" and in Imus' case it seems to be "sorry I've been spreading hatred and racial stereotypes since before your mother was born but here's some medicine so you can be healthy and fully enjoy it when some calls you a jiggaboo or a hardcore, nappy headed ho thus marring one of the proudest moments of your life".
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