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Originally Posted by iluvbeyoncesbooty View Post
I work with some of this country's worst each and every day...the word "hoe" is used very often by these guests of mine, along with the n word, the fu word, the bich fact that is some of the tame stuff....does it make it right??? it is an excepted part of the vocabulary that these people grew up with.....we have very few moral values left in this country today...if it feels good do it...if i want to say it say it....hey its a free country..its my right of expression..its my culture..its the way I was brought I can say and do what I want....but if in isn't part of your culture, if I deem what you say and do socially and culturaly are going to have hell to pay!!!

What this Imus guy said was wrong to me, to you and to many others...however I will not sit here and cruicfy a man I don't know and don't care to know....we all pay for what we do and one way or take the good with the bad...we all answer to someone or somebody in the end for our actions.

I just laugh though when I see and hear the same language everyday, can turn on HBO, go to a rated R movie, listen to music, read books and magazines and yes turn on the radio and hear things I find offensive and wrong...but you know what folks..I can turn off the TV, the radio,.not read the book or magazine, not listen to the music..its my choice..its what those guys in uniforms over in Iraq are fighting for.......I think for myself..I don't need Jesse, or Al or CBS or any of the make a buck at all cost media to tell me what I think or what I should find offensive
Thank you, well put.

Originally Posted by DizzG View Post
I loved today that Imus asked on his show if Sharpton was going to apologize to the Duke players he has blasted in the past.

I doubt he will
He'll probably harp on how they must have done something wrong, even if they were exonerated. It's like a political correctness version of the Crucible.
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