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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
Was anyone else besides Stevie offended at referring to himself as nappy headed? When a Black refers to another Black guy as 'my n-----', is that racist?

I dunno. I think there are lines that are easily discernable and others that fall in that gray area where some are offended while others don't give a flip.

funny/sad how White people can be called just about anything by anybody and nobody says a word. How many times did George Jefferson call Willis a honky?
The Jeffersons was a fictional show with fictional characters. Just like on All In The Family the point was, in part, to show how stupid racism was and still is. And the whole "he called me a name so I'll call him one back" thing is really not becoming on anyone over the age of about 6. Imus on the other hand chose to call a group of real life young ladies who by all accounts are a great group of kids "hoes". Huge difference between fictional characters and real life young ladies in their teens and early 20's who only represented their school in a positive light.
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