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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
the difference between what Imus said and what rappers and comedians say is that Imus was pointing the finger at someone specific.

and when you say 'nappy headed', you are talking in a derogatory manner about someone's genetic makeup.......meaning you are being racist. If he had said, 'those baggy pantsed, corn-rowed hos' I think he would have been right at the line, but i dont think he would have crossed it.

.....and the mere fact that he has the term 'nappy headed' in his vernacular instantly gives him racist status. Even Kramer would agree with that.

So was Stevie Wonder being racist when he talked about when he was a nappy headed little boy in one of his songs?

Would it have been less offensive if Imus had left out the word "hoes"? Why in the world was he talking about Rutgers women's basketball anyway when they didn't even win the championship?
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