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Originally Posted by RickV View Post
Nicely done, Cheesey. You're right, intolerance and racism are learned behaviors, it's easier to prevent than to "unteach".
That's right. Racism can be scarily perpetuating. Parents teach their children to be racist, who teach their children to be racist, and so on. To end the string of racism, somebody has to just stand up and say "no" its not right to teach our kids to hate. I think if a person starts with a clean slate and acquires a hatred for some group because of incidents or what not, that is often fairly hard to prevent, but to start a child off on a path of hatred at a young age (hatred that they will likely never escape) is wrong.

But regardless of how a person got there, it's sad to see someone filled with so much rage.

"There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me" -David Hasselhoff
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