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Originally Posted by cheesehead4spur View Post
There are crazies over all this planet. Mr cheese's family lives in Milwaukee and are so bigoted. One of the old relatives was telling a young child that there are people that believe in Jesus and those who don't. He said they were Jews and called them (I am so sorry to say this) K***s. I could not stay quiet anymore. I explained that word was used by people a long time ago and it is a bad way to talk about people. The old guy said that it was just slang--he seemed unaware of how vicious some terms are. I told him that now that term is not used and that it was a good thing because it is a hurtful term. i know I would not change his thoughts, but I don't think it was appropriate conversation for Easter Sunday and to a young child. I said it nicely and there seemed to be no hard feelings. If there were, I would have no regrets. I can't sit back and let this pass. Our kids learn from us and bad stuff gets perpetuated. Why can't we coexist, like Boo's sig?
Nicely done, Cheesey. You're right, intolerance and racism are learned behaviors, it's easier to prevent than to "unteach".

Who's worse? The guy who made the speech, or the people who applauded him?
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