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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
also with time warner, you get league pass, u get it online too
I really do not like monopolies--In Madison, we have a choice of Charter for cable and Charter for cable. I am able to get audio LP, but the brief but wonderful access to broadband was cut off. There is no way that I can convince NBA people that since I don't have a complying cable company and did received the vid for awhile that I should be able to subscribe to the broadband. Mr cheese and I will have to do some math and decide if we want to switch to dish or direct for our TV services. I currently have TV and Internet bundled, and I do not want to change my internet. I have the hi-def package and I understand that satellite has more hi-def stuff available. Oh the dilemma! If I hadn't had my brief encounter with the vid, I would not have known what I would miss
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