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Originally Posted by George View Post
i am back with T-mobile and they have the best customer support or at least one of the top. i used to be with T-mobile a few years back but switched to sprint because i got a discount at work for sprint...worst mistake ever. when i told them(tmobile) i was going to cancel early they told me i was one of their better customers and that they would waive 80% of the cancelation i paid like $40 bucks.

sprint is horrible when it comes to customer support. my fiancee' also had trouble with them. i went many times for help and man the wait time is forever to get your phone serviced, plus the reps are rude and all they want is to get you out of there.

well 2 months ago i ended my contract with sprint and yes i got that huge bill to cancel , $300 for 2 lines . i am glad to be back with t-mobile and i even got my fiancee to switch with me
btw love my blackberry
I was with Sprint before TMobile, and I would agree that Sprint has terrible customer service. Had to wait forever to get service and the reps treated you as if you were intruding on their day.
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