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my re-write:

SGA Asks American Idol Finalist to Sing in Tune

the Songwriters Guild of America is hoping to prevail upon American Idol finalist Sanjaya Malakar - who has appeared on the reality show in a number of terrible performances - to attempt to sing in tune.

The organization is offering Malakar a free, lifetime membership to the BMG CD Club, the chance to star in a SGA community promo, $500 and a charitable donation in his name to an organization of his choice. SGA originally made the offer to Malakar last week, minus the promo and the cash. This week, in an open letter to the singer, SGA president David Hasselhoff sweetened the deal.

Last season, SGA reached out to one of America Idol's runner-ups, offering a chance to star in a Time "Hits of the Nineties" infomerical The singer turned the offer down.
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