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Originally Posted by TJinTX View Post
Well, nearly a year to the day that I was served, here's an update on my case. First and foremost, however, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their well-wishes and prayers. They work

My ex-wife wanted to put my daughter on the witness stand when our trial was scheduled to begin next Monday (this, after several delays due to docket scheduling). To avoid this, I allowed her to be deposed by my attorney and my ex-wife's attorney. To make a long story short, my daughter told them what was in her heart, and not what her mother had tried to manipulate her into saying. After viewing the video tape of her deposition, my ex has non-suited the case, meaning that she has dropped it.

It's all over, and my daughter can go back to being a kid again, without worrying about whether she is going to "disappoint" her mother or not. So, again, it's over. For now.
Congratulations. Before I ever graduated from law school I sat in divorce court and saw 3 cases and knew I could never do have to have balls of steal to go through what you went through so I commend you and again congratulate you. May you have joy and success in the continued raising of your daughter.
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