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How Much Does It Cost To Lose 30 lbs?

Assuming you've already decided that the money-saving "eat less" method won't work for you: How much will it cost to lose 30 lbs? Bankrate checked out five diet programs and calculated the total cost based on losing the recommended healthy amount of weight per week:

• Jenny Craig: $399 with a payment plan or $358 upfront, not including food.

• LA Weight Loss: Calculating the cost with a setup fee of $174 and $7 per week charge, the total cost of the plan is $685 for 73 weeks, not including the cost of food and L A Lite bars.

• NutriSystem: $1,174.88, including all food, except fresh greens and dairy.

• Weight Watchers: The total cost is between $214.80 and $299.80, depending on location, not including food.

• The Zone Diet: $3,599.10 to $4,798.80 including all food.
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