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Grindhouse is an incredible experience, and has to be watched in a theater. Terror Planet is non-stop action, and a lot of fun. Death Blow is very slow at first, but becomes great once Kurt Russell makes his entrance. Both movies are funny, disgusting, gory, and dirty, and completely unlike anything I've ever seen before. This is the best movie I've seen in a theater since Pulp Fiction, and it might have been even better. The movies were so good that I'm going back to see them again in a couple of hours. Maybe the only movie I've ever seen that had the entire audience as excited as Planet Terror was The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Just an all-around phenomenal double feature. Everyone else I've talked to who went to see it last night or Friday night also loved it.

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Machete was the best of the fake trailers. And Death Proof has the best car chase i've seen.
Where's my wife and daughter?
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