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Originally Posted by cheesehead4spur View Post
Peng, you know not of what you speak. My comment about Money's red hair referred to my experience with my red head neighbors when I was kid. They were little stinkers who had a bit of the devil in them. Hence the hair color. This explains much of money's behavior. We all know he is a little stinker with a bit of the devil in him. The red hair just supports the data. My mind was not, and never is, in the gutter.
cheesy, i didnt read what u said. i was just joking. GAWL! come on, homie! take a funny!

Originally Posted by Hantler View Post
tell your parents to looks for "Grappa". It's a grape based alcohol that, unless they keep strict Passover Kosher Products only, would be fine to drink. Maybe they'll even slip ya some.
hahaha....naaa...we're pretty non-jewish ultra reform......and im happy with Manny...its really good mixed with dr pepper.
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