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Originally Posted by phillyspurslover View Post
while i would hope to see good crowds out there, i don't think that is sound logic.

minor league sports just can't possibly ever churn up the same interest a pro league would.

and lack of support for one is not indicitave of the other.

All I know is that when Arizona got their franchise their support of AAA ball and Spring Training for decades was cited as a major reason we got a franchise. Competition is keen for MLB franchises. Look at Washington DC - Congress had to make overtures about revoking MLB's antitrust exemption before they got a franchise back. San Antonio doesn't have any such leverage. Do you think some civic minded individuals just decided to move the Chaparrals here from Dallas?? No. It was San Antonio's support of the Rockets when Houston played games in San Antonio in the seasons just prior to Dallas' relocation that turned heads . In fact attendance in SA was better than in Houston for the Rockets. Before that San Antonio was thought of as minor league city that would have 10,000 people turn out week in and week out for High School Football but could never support a major league franchise. I strongly feel that San Antonio has to support what they have If they hope to get anything else.
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