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Originally Posted by spUrpenguin3000 View Post
oh man...this looks like how every one of those movies start.....NO NOT THOSE TYPES!!! GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER CHEESY!!!!....u know....they'll end up harvesting his organs or some scary thing like was good (sorta not really kinda) knowin ya, money...

man...its really scared now....
Peng, you know not of what you speak. My comment about Money's red hair referred to my experience with my red head neighbors when I was kid. They were little stinkers who had a bit of the devil in them. Hence the hair color. This explains much of money's behavior. We all know he is a little stinker with a bit of the devil in him. The red hair just supports the data. My mind was not, and never is, in the gutter.
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