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Originally Posted by Money4Nothing View Post
My one goal for this trip has become to get as many pics with Ceci as possible Yea! LoL! I´m such a horny bastard, hehe And I have plenty of pics with Athenea also, she´s so cute and fun to be with as well But she´s pretty quick with that right uppercut when I get a little too flirty

Just had lunch in San Telmo, Thank You Very Much Matias! We had some friggin huge porterhouse steaks for lunch. BTW Matias is a cool dude and speaks great English. And I´m pretty sure he would be considered good looking by most women....but sorry ladies, he´s taken Now I´m taking a break from walking, waiting in the hotel until tonight to go out to some clubs, or whatever the girls have planned for me. I´m pretty much willing to whatever they say at this point.

Looking at all these pretty girls is making me, uhhhhh, tired....yeah that´s it, tired. I need a nap.

Yea! LoL!


I am officially Jealous, u got to meet ceci !
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