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2 Days gone by (well, almost), and everything is great. Bonnington and Matias I am sending you some PMs and you can maybe call my hotel tomorrow if you get a chance. I only have very limited internet access from my hotel to check the forum or answer pm´s.

I believe I have discovered the ruthless and inhumane plan of the Argentinean government. Apparently, all the ugly girls are sent to Mississippi at birth or something, because here there are only drop dead gorgeous women OMGWFBBQ. In fact, they almost didn´t let me in the country, because I didn´t meet the ¨beauty quotient¨ (BQ), but I told them I was here to visit some other beautiful women, so they gave me a temporary allowance. But I´m under strict orders not to do anything that´s not beautiful and sexy. I hope I don´t screw it up! My BQ is only 70, well below the requisite 135 for this country.

I have great photos already, and I also have some souveniers for Mombear to give away in the chatroom, maybe for the first playoff game or something.

If I get a chance to go to Athenea´s house again later in the week, I will try to upload some photos, if not, you`ll have to wait until I get back!

I´m going out to dinner in a bit so I gotta run. Tomorrow I have more ¨sight-seeing¨ (translated: babe-watching). Que fantasique!

Now to use my new favorite word this week:


Yea! LoL!
When the Spurs makes Baby Jesus cry
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