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No, I'm NOT In Argentina

So I'm sitting at the gate, 5 minutes before I board, and Brazil's air traffic controllers go on strike. Since my flight flies through Brazilian airspace, its cancelled.

So after trying to clear things up and get info from the airport all night, I finally got to my car and drove home to Longview, just got back this morning. There is another flight scheduled to leave Sunday night, but unless the strike is over by then, it will likely be cancelled also. So at this point there's no telling when or if I'll make it to B.A. this week. I'm going to keep trying to get a flight as late into the week as possible.

Maybe some government intervention will get some controllers to work in time for Sunday night. American Airlines can't reroute their flightpath from DFW over any other countries to get to B.A. Some flights from San Francisco go down through Chile and cut across, but there are no seats available.

I'm going to try to get reimbursed for as much of my hotel reservation that I will miss as possible, although technically my trip is non-refundable.

How disappointing I'm very upset.

I'll keep you posted, I guess.

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