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Originally Posted by phillyspurslover View Post
i can't afford season tickets but I plan on at least 2 games next year, hopefully 3, so we'll have to grab SID and have a cowboys GTG!!!!!

he makes awesome tailgate food!

Sweet... you should definitely come up for some games. As long as SID is making the food, I'm all for tailgating

Originally Posted by phillyspurslover View Post
sweet dude.

look me up for fun with
Sounds good to me! Should be fun.

Originally Posted by Jules View Post
Can you send me some Depends? Sadly, I am serious but at least all the swelling in my legs has gone down.
I'm not working in that department, so you might have to settle for coupons I won't find out all my perks 'til August, though. Being an engineer in operations, I'm sure I get free stuff off the line.

Originally Posted by Alamo Girl View Post
Congrats Tristen.

Now you could send me Spurs stuff!
Of course!

Originally Posted by triple View Post
cool, when are we going.
When's the first preseason game?
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