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I'm the proud owner of 2 season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys!!!!

So I'll be working in Texas next fall for Kimberly-Clark before I finish school next spring and decided to invest in a couple season tickets to see the greatest team in the world They are paying me to relocate, but I'll probably spend it all before I get to Texas I'm excited! I haven't been to a Cowboys game in over 10 years! Now I can see them all I already looked up their opponents for next year... Green Bay (one of Favre's last games!), Minnesota, St. Louis, New England, New York Jets, NY Giants, Eagles, and Redskins.

Most recently, a company in SA is doing a background search and all that security stuff to possibly hire me for the summer. I might get to see the Spurs playoff run! I'll probably end up buying Spurs season tickets too That would just be unreal for me. I'm so excited for my latest and greatest adventures to start.
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