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Originally Posted by bonnington View Post
Y con el cementerio de ravioles que hacemos?????????

You should ALWAYS be prepared to physically defend yourself. But.....

99% of confrontations can be tempered through the proper use of psycology. You should never fight if you can talk your way out of it. The vast majority of things are not worth being physically injured over. I can't believe that people actually get in physical fights over some of this crazy stuff. The only time I've ever fought was because someone else instigated it and I had no choice. But I'm trained in self-defense so I won

BTW being big has nothing to do with being confident or winning a fight. Its knowing what to do, and being mentally prepared for it. I'm a skinny dude but I know exactly what I would do if someone came at me looking to hit me. I've practiced it. All women especially should learn basic self-defense. Most would-be assailants will back off pretty quick once their nose is broken and their nuts are smashed.

BTW as a 30 year old who's made a lot of mistakes, my advice is be happy, be nice to others, believe in yourself, and stand up for what you think is right.

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