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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
Im just responding to what you said. You said 'getting taller gave me confidence'. Well what if you hadn't gotten taller? Would you still be macho? And stop getting all defensive all the time and just answer the question.

I'm 6-5 240 and Ive been on both the winning and the losing sides of fights and in the end, they all suck.

99% of fights involve women, money or egos........none of which are worth dealing or receiving blows.
Confidence is a huge thing, Once I started standing up for myself and possibly because I was bigger, I stopped getting into so many fights. I myself am only 6' 200 pounds and have never fought over women or money and I would like to think I never fought over ego. Would I have gotten confidence without growing taller? Probably eventually but when you are punk kid things like height can have huge psychological effects. I assume if you are 6-5 you were probably a fairly tall kid. So maybe you didn't deal with the predators on the schoolyard who only mess with the small kids.
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