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Originally Posted by Blake View Post

I think the lesson you're teaching your kid is 'magically grow 6-7 inches'.

There's no easy yes or no answer, but I'd say fight back only as an absolute last resort. Walking away is definitely better than suspension from school......just ask my nephew.

I don't think it was growing 6-7 inches that changed much of anything. It just gave me the confidence to stand up for myself.

It's funny you mention suspension from school for fighting. It is one of the things I disagree heatily with the school on. If a bully is picking on someone and that kid stands up for himself, they both get the same punishment. Chances are the bully either doesn't care about getting in trouble at home or won't get in trouble. Yet the kid getting tormented and finally stands up for himself knows he/she will get in trouble at home. This type of policy makes the bully so much more powerful and makes school life that much more unbearable for the kids who have to deal with them.
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