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Originally Posted by bonnington View Post
My Macs aren't Core duo, nor my Pc's. So I could not run different OS's in my machines
No need for a Core 2 Duo, you can put together a Celeron D based CPU that will run Mac OS X for as little as U$S 250. (for US readers: prices of computer equipment here in Argentina are significantly more expensive than they're in the US, so trust me when I tell you those are ridiculous prices for our market).
Originally Posted by bonnington View Post
I understand what you say, and I agree. If I could have what I have at a fraction of the price I would do it, but I don't want to be an expert, I want just to use my computers for work, leisure or gaming without having to know what you know. And with the Macs i do just that. No problems, no issues, nothing.
Me, I love flexibility, being able to do whatever it is that I want without having a given platform placing restrictions on me. You just want to use your computer without having to be bothered by peripheral technical stuff, and you can afford it. That's OK... different priorities, I guess.
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