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Originally Posted by bonnington View Post
I haven't any virus, not once, in my macs since I have them. They didn't crash, not once, since I have them, They didn't have any issues, anything, since I have them. Of course sometimes I have some issues with the memory, but that is my problem. I run heavy software, but didn't put more ram on them, not a Mac problem, but mine.

While, because I also own 3 PC's ( what the thieves couldn't took when they robbed me) and two of them were formatted twice this year, they had virus intrusions, HEY, right NOW, I was starting my desktop PC and the AV put a big red sign that I have a TROJAN GENERIC MF#%&/#, that is what I was saying, an I am not making up this. It was exactly while I was writing this.

So? I don't know how is your experience with PC and Macs, but I love my Macs and the PC's? I just have them because I need them.
The PC is a computer architecture, what you describe are software issues which are likely the result of inadequate setup / administration. Like I said, if you select your hardware carefully, you can run whatever OS you like on your PC (including Mac OS X) at a fraction of the cost. And I'm all for flexibility. As a matter of fact, I currently run ALL of the OSes I mentioned on my PC and I've yet to experience any sort of problem like those you describe.
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