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Originally Posted by TexasNative View Post
I read it. Still, who knows how valid this stuff is. Now if it was Playboy, I would have only looked at the pictures.

I caught Bill Maher's show on HBO a couple of weeks ago. He had a bit on there about the news networks covering Anna Nichole over Iraq. He basically said "that isn't news." Hard to argue that. And speaking of Maher, I wish someone would tell him he's not a comedian or funny anymore. He just complains about everything. If I want to listen to whining I can listen to my kids.
I think the hullabaloo about Smith is a sad commentary on us, and our priorities. I do catch Maher every now and again and there is a little "left of center" part of me that enjoys his barbs. But I cannot deny that he crosses the line at times. I will not listen to Coulter, however, because I become so angry and that is not good for my psyche. She is not worth my time or emotion.
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