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Originally Posted by Spurfan15 View Post
I try to be as unprejudiced as I can in analyzing this sort of thing, but obviously it isn't possible to be completely so. I can say though, I used to watch lots of network news... basically bits and pieces from most of the major cable news networks (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News), and 1) They have all gone way downhill. I find most cable news programs today disgraceful journalism that is designed to be flashy and entertaining more than anything else. But 2) Fox News is unmatched as the worst news network in regards to quality of reporting and journalism. They often blow past the level of unprofessional into the "I cannot believe I just saw that" stage. It is 100% sensational, highly partisan, polarizing news... and I simply cannot stomach it. I like BBC, and Jim Leher, and thats about it. US based cable news is in the toilet and Fox News is leading the way.
I have to agree. I usually turn to Headline News after coming home from work at night--now all they have is that witch Nancy Grace, and a useless entertainment show. I was very unhappy when they changed their format, but so many people crave sensationalism, sad to say, and the channels are happily giving in to those cravings. It is hard to find good, solid journalism.
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