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I watched this game too. I think their execution was really poor. They were trying to get uptempo like Denver but they don't have atheletes like Denver and can't run better than Denver.

Like in the game against us, Sac also had too many turnovers. Add the fact that Denver has many players that force a lot of turnovers by stealing the ball, if you are being sloppy with the ball. AI and Camby, just two of them have like at least 2 steals per game. Plus Nene can steal some ball too and today Melo also stole some balls. Go figure.

Plus, with Artest on the line up, they don't move the ball well like we all know how Sacto moves the ball. Bibby was shooting the ball really well. But then you don't run the screen sets for Bibby to shoot some jump shots. Ron Artest had a lot of TOs and bal-hogs like he always does. Missed a lot of shots at the rim. Well, Nene had 3 blocks and there is also Camby who blocked a lot of shots. Ron Artest missed tons of FT attempts.

And they don't give the ball to Kevin Martin, who not only can shoot some jump shots but also can attack the rim and can get to the FT line. And they don't rebound well, unlike Denver who has Nene, Camby, Melo who all can rebound. Go figure.
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