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Live 07 is garbage. I bought an XBox 360 specifically to play a good NBA game (NBA 2k7), and it's been a great investment. I still play 2k7 all the time, even though I've had it 6 months. Live has great looking faces and better play by play with Kerr/Albert vs. Harlan/Kenny Smith on 2k7, but 2k7 handles 100x better, the graphics are comparable everywhere except the faces, the tempo is not only more realistic, but also set for much more enjoyable gameplay. NBA Live 07 is way too slow.

EA pretty much views Live 2007 as a disaster. They canceled their PS3 version at the last minute after the reaction to it's crappy XBox,XBox360,PC, and PS2 versions was bad. They dropped the price $20 less than a month after it hit shelves because it was selling so badly. The game is crap, even though Live 2006 isn't that bad of a game.

2k7 is the exact opposite. It's easily the best basketball game ever created. The players shoot with the same motions they do in real life, so you have to time your shot differently when shooting a three with Brent Barry than when you put it up with Manu.

NBA 2k7 is a pretty spectacular game.

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