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Originally Posted by Jason R View Post
Good writing?

I know it seems ridiculous, but if the show caught on, we'd become interested in the caveman for himself, and not for his caveman features. Then we'd be interested in his life like we are in other shows. Interested in whether a caveman can win the heart of the girl he loves? Outrageous, but not entirely out of the realm of plausibility.
Good writing can only do so much. If the subject itself doesn't have much depth to it, creative writing can't cover that up. Why do you think that 99% of TV shows written about an occupation stick to doctors, lawyers & cops? Those jobs just have a natural element of excitement, drama and interest built in to them. You could make a show about accountants and the best writing in the world isn't going to keep that show interesting for very long.

That's what's going to be the problem with the caveman show. So after that initial chuckle over seeing some caveman get offended because some chick doesn't think he knows what an IPOD is, what's that show really going to have?
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