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Originally Posted by Hantler View Post
I'm fine with you guys liking this band as long as you can promise me you don't have razor blades in your house.

I won't even walk into Hot Topic cuz I would get freaked out. Imagine my face when I'm being "moshed" around all these hardxcore emo people.

we looked out of place. My friend Chris was wearing like Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle and all these other people were ...i don't even know !

It was so much fun though.

Their cd is all I play in the car. Seriously. People are so tired of them but I can't stop listening to it.

Originally Posted by phillyspurslover View Post

totally freakin forgot about it.

but i am going to see Hit the Lights there next month. If you like Red Jump Suit, you should check these guys out. You might like 'em.
Well i didn't even know about it til this guy from works friend was like OMGZZ Are you going to it in 2 weeks??

and i died. I was supposed to go with that guy but there was drama and I wasn't gonna go afterall

btu then my friends were gonna go and I ended up going. we got there like at 10 somethin to see ...Emery?? I dunno. And right after that we were in 30 degree weather watching my band. I loved every single moment of it even though i couldn't feel my feet.

Theres a pic of our frozen feet.

ANYWAY...yeah...this guy who i talk to told me he was going but for other bands and I cried cuz I wasn't gonna go and he knew how much I wanted to go.

Then I ended up going and he didn't cuz he had to work. KARMA!

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