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Originally Posted by obijon80 View Post
No worries, you didn't burst my bubble. It's pretty hard to do that when it comes to talking about video games. I'm not going to make any more points about WoW and FFXI specifically. But I do feel the need to defend my post.

I wasn't making commentary about FFXI; it was about WoW. I didn't mention FFXI in my post

JasonR said "Spend a lot of time to progress? It's the easiest MMO I've ever played to level up in. You can max out a character in a month, versus a game like FFXI where that takes a few months if not a year."

"To level up in" and "max out" are the 2 things I picked out from his argument. I just wanted to make the point that progression doesn't stop after you level to 60 or 70.

And I love the fact that it's not a time sink
I agree with this so far. I don't have a lot of time to play a computer game. What takes an average gamer 2 months to do, would take me six. So I want a game that I can level a character in quickly, so that I can enjoy the multiplayer and cooperative aspects of the game with my guild friends. The levelling is just a necessary evil. If I could just buy a level 60 character, I would.

I want to do endgame raids and instances on the weekends with my friends. That's all I want. I don't think I would have the patience with FFXI.

However, the nice quick pace to the levelling does keep it fresh and enjoyable. And the game looks and plays very well, and I like the social aspect of it.

I'm level 31 priest now, and I'll probably make a rogue character for my guild. (We have no high level priests or rogues).

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