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Originally Posted by theman21 View Post
meh, sorry to burst your bubble, but it's pretty obvious you haven't played ffxi endgame. FFXI isn't about reaching 75 either....its endgame is where it all begins. Dynamis, Sky, Sea, HNMs, BCNMS, Assault, Besieged, merit points, the new ToAU areas/missions....just an overwhelming amount of things to do.

In general, progression is 2-3x longer in ffxi. What takes you 2 months would take you 4-6 in ffxi. I know this because I have 4 lv75 characters in ffxi (took 3yrs+) and 2 lv70 characters in WoW(took 3 months).

As far as WoW expansion, yeh its nice that a small group can do the instances. Less people = less drama.

...and I do believe JasonR was talking about lvling and gearing out 1 character, which is totally possible in WoW in 1 month(with people helping), whereas it's not humanly possible to do the same in ffxi(even with help). Don't misunderstand me, i know a full set of the best epics would take longer than 1 month....but to get the equivalent tier in ffxi would take multiple years, not just 1 year. After 3yrs+ of ffxi I realized I'd never have more than 1 or 2 pieces of the latest tier....something I could achieve in 3 months time in WoW without playing daily.
I can't add anything else that you haven't. I've played FFXI since the first month it hit these shores and end game requires ridiculous dedication, not to mention an appropriate linkshell or friends to tackle it with.

I'd also like to add I am a WoW fan I just don't think it's the time sink that other MMOs have been.

Dynamis Lord FTW.
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