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Originally Posted by Jason R View Post
Spend a lot of time to progress? It's the easiest MMO I've ever played to level up in. You can max out a character in a month, versus a game like FFXI where that takes a few months if not a year.

My major counter to your argument is that not all level 60s (now 70s) are equal. Character's are not necessarily "maxed out" after a month of leveling to 60. Getting to 60 is only the first step in progressing your character in WoW. The game changes quite a bit and a lot more opens up at 60.

I agree that leveling is quick and very easy, but I think most of the progression in WoW comes from conquering various dungeons and getting better and better items after you reach the level cap. When the cap was still 60, there was a huuuuuuuuuuge difference between a new level 60 in all green items compared to a level 60 with BWL/AQ/Naxx gear. It took me about a year and a half to go from a level 1 priest to a level 60 with Molten Core/Blackwing Lair gear. Of course at the level 60 cap, progressing that far was primarily relegated to people who were part of large raiding guilds. Well the new expansion changes that a bit.

The best thing about the new expansion is the fact that there are no more 40-person dungeons (the new high-level instances are 10-25 man with a ton of 5 man content along the way), so smaller guilds will have the same opportunities as the extremely large ones to progress through endgame content. Also, the time it takes to get through most of the new instances has been drastically reduced. Some still take 2-3 hours to get through, but there are some that take less than an hour. The days of the 4 hour Scholomance run are gone, for the most part.

So yes, it's a really really easy and quick game if your only goal is to get from 1-60. But if you're truly looking to get the most out of the game, you'll spend a lot of time and effort making your level 60 character better than average (in my case 1 year and 8 months and still going).

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